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1, How it works;

Register as a vendor on Clevenard Super Shop, fill in your shop information including the payment gateway you like to use in receiving payments directly. Then you can start listing your product or services.

Whenever your item is sold we will deduct a 10% commission plus transaction cost.

This Vendor Agreement between third parties (“you”) and Automatic Inc. (“us”, “we”, or “Clevenard”) (the “Agreement”) sets out the terms for listing your Product(s) on the Clevenard Super Shop Site.


When we sell your item on Clevenard, we charge a commission of 10% of the final sales price on Clevenard Super Shop, subject to any returns, refunds, or claims and excluding any premium postage paid by the buyer. The commission will be deducted from the total item sales price due to you.

If an order is paid with Cash on Delivery (COD), then we will exclude that payment from the vendor’s balance.

Shipping cost vendors are to charge buyers the shipping cost tax or vat. That means (Extra Fee Recipient) like shipping fees/ VAT or Tax fees will go to the vendor balance. You may need to include tax, vat or shipping cost on all the items you list on your shop while listing on Clevenard, if necessary.

We will only charge you for the payment getaway and our own 10% commission from the item sold the rest will be your responsibility.

Vendors can add a discount on products.

3. Available payment and withdrawal methods: PayPal, Bank Transfer or Skrill

The applicable data protection provisions of Skrill may be retrieved under

The applicable data protection provisions of PayPal may be retrieved under

4. Clevenard Vendors Guidelines.

For all Products you list on Clevenard Super Shop, you agree:

  • To develop and provide ongoing maintenance, updates, and complete support for the Products, Services, or Items.
  • To maintain your vendor page and provide accurate and complete information (you need to include a description of the Products, services, or items while listing on Clevenard).
  • To not display any link that leads to a third party site on either your Product Page or your vendor page on the Clevenard Super Shop Site,
  • To not subvert or override Clevenard Super Shop connections in core — for example, extensions cannot create branded top-level menu items or introduce their own telemetry,
  • To not promote products, or services not on your shop
  • To use core features, as much as possible,
  • To use Clevenard Super shop support systems,

To keep your contact information current.

5. Our “Service Requirements” are as follows:

  • You will provide clear and conspicuous notice to potential and existing customers of your Products of any terms and conditions set by you, or by any service with which your Product integrates, that are required to use the Products (“Service Terms”).
  • You will comply with Clevenard Super Shop’s Policies and Procedures and ensure that the Service Terms do not violate our Policies and Procedures.
  • You will develop, operate, support, and distribute the Products or services in accordance with the Service Terms.
  • You will ensure the Products comply with all applicable laws.
  • You will provide all notices, and obtain all consents, required under applicable law in connection with your collection, use, and sharing of any personally identifiable information collected by you via the Product or services. You will only collect, use and disclose end-user data in accordance with all applicable laws and your privacy policies. You will ensure the Product complies with all applicable laws, all applicable payment card and payment association rules (including requirements of the PCI-DSS and NACHA, where applicable), and all other third-party rules applicable to payment methods accepted via the Product or services.

    Please remember that failure to follow our Service Requirements or provide adequate support may result in low support ratings, less prominent product exposure, low sales, billing disputes, and removal of Products from the Clevenard Super Shop Site. We reserve the right to withhold revenue at any time if you don’t comply with the terms of this Agreement and don’t reply to our attempts to resolve an issue.”

6. Removal of Products.

While we do not take on an obligation to monitor the Products or their content, we reserve the right to suspend or remove a Product, or to remove any vendor’s account from the Clevenard Super Shop Site, at any time in our discretion. We will give you 30 days’ notice before we remove a Product, but we may suspend a Product immediately for the reasons listed in A-E below. Once suspended, a Product will not be available for purchase or renewal until/unless the issue is resolved.

Suspending a Product temporarily or removing a Product from future distribution does not affect the rights of active customers with an existing, active subscription.

Your requests to remove a Product will require our consent, which will not be unreasonably withheld, but will take into account the best course of action to ensure continuity of service to our customers.

In the event that we remove a Product for any of the following reasons, as determined in our sole discretion, you will be required to continue to provide support to active customers until the subscription term for that Product is due for renewal or refund purchases of customers who purchased the Product within the past year, as we reasonably determine:

  1. The Product or any portion thereof infringes or misappropriates any third party’s intellectual property rights or any other rights of any third party and you are not able to develop a work around or obtain a license so that the Product is non-infringing within a period of 14 days;
  2. The Product or any portion thereof violates any applicable law or is subject to an injunction;
  3. The Product or any portion thereof violates Clevenard Super Shop’s Policies and Procedures or Clevenard Super Shop’s brand guidelines (;
  4. The Product or any portion thereof poses a risk of damaging Clevenard Super Shop’s or any third party’s software or systems, products, services or is deemed by us to have a virus or be malware or spyware;
  5. The Product or any portion thereof violates the terms of this Agreement;
  6. The Product receives legitimate low Product ratings or support ratings or is not being adequately supported by you;
  7. The Product becomes redundant due to a feature being rolled into Clevenard Super Shop’s core platfom; or
  8. in response to your request to terminate this Agreement or remove the Product.

7. Our obligations.

For the Products you list on the Clevenard Super Shop Site, we:

• will conduct marketing and promotional activities using commercially reasonable efforts,

• will implement a system to provide product and support rankings (based on customer reviews and ratings) with rules to promote fairness and accuracy, and

• will host your product page and documentation on the Clevenard Super Shop Site (“Product Page”) and determine the functionality and design.


• will host your vendor page and documentation on the Clevenard Super Shop Site (“Vendor Page”) and determine the functionality and design.