We offer a fresh and straightforward method for selling anything online. Once your item sells, you pay us our agreed commission of 10%, with no additional transaction costs.

Advantages of Establishing a Partnership with Clevenard Super Shop:
  1. Clevenard Super Shop

    Clevenard Super Shop stands as an eminent online marketplace dedicated to partnering with manufacturers worldwide. Our primary objective is to represent and promote their products effectively, facilitating sales, marketing, and seamless introduction to target markets.

    Marketing & Advertising Hub

    Renowned for our comprehensive suite of services, Clevenard Super Shop serves as a distinguished marketing and advertising hub. Our array of offerings encompasses strategic consulting, management solutions, and diverse marketing tactics including personalized one-on-one Street Marketing initiatives, among others.

    Our Core Values

    At Clevenard Super Shop, our ethos revolves around deploying our expertise to serve our partners diligently, committed to delivering unparalleled service quality.

    Ownership and Accountability

    We firmly embrace accountability within our partnerships, taking full ownership of our responsibilities. By treating our partners’ projects as our own, we ensure sustained success and mutual growth.

    Integrity and Transparency

    Operating with unwavering integrity and transparency, we prioritize building trust and fostering long-term relationships. Our commitment extends beyond immediate gains, safeguarding the enduring value of our collaborations.

    Tailored Solutions for Manufacturers

    Clevenard Super Shop is singularly focused on offering tailored, creative, and pragmatic solutions customized to meet the unique requirements of manufacturers.

    Precision Audience Targeting

    We specialize in precision audience targeting, aiding our partners in reaching new and relevant customer segments. Leveraging advanced strategies, we optimize market penetration, maximizing profitability for manufacturers. Our confidence in performance is such that we exclusively operate on a profit or revenue-sharing basis, ensuring mutual success.