Can I sell my ebook on Clevenard Super Shop?

Yes, you can sell ebooks as long as you legally own the rights to the ebook(s) you are selling. Clevenard Super Shop is an excellent e-commerce platform for selling ebooks and other digital products like music and movies. Sell your ebook online by choosing Clevenard Super Shop e-commerce platform & marketplace.

Simply create an account at, then create your own ebook format, add it as a product to your Clevenard store, and make it available for purchase. You are also to allow leverage and automation to deliver the ebook to customers.

When you sell your ebook with Clevenard Super Shop:

• Readers can buy and download your eBook in multiple formats (PDF, mobi, azw, ePub, opf format).

• Readers can purchase your eBook at Clevenard Super Shop.

• you can set your own price and earn 90% of your retail sales but your quoted rate shouldn't go overboard.

• You can track your page traffic daily with custom dashboard reporting.

• You get paid faster. We’ll deposit your money within one week of purchase.

• Your eBook is guaranteed to always be available.

• you can track your page daily with custom dashboard reporting. Wonder who bought your book and how they found it?

• You can track all your sales data and buyer metrics in one place, directly from your account dashboard on Clevenard Super Shop exclusively giving you access to data about your potential readers to help you sell more eBooks. Sign up and get started.