Shipping and handling costs apply to all orders made on Clevenard Super Shop.


If the photographs provided do not allow us to adequately assess the item, we will not be able to publish your listing.

To accept your listing, we just need photographs that are:

Original – We cannot accept photographs taken from the internet

Clear and detailed – Images should clearly show the item from various angles, including a shot of the entire item on its own. From the photographs, our team should be able to see both close-up details (labels, tags, marks or flaws) as well as full view shots that are clear and well-lit.


We want Clevenard Super Shop to be a place where our community can buy and sell with absolute confidence.

When assessing an item, our expert teams apply specific criteria to ensure the item is exactly as described by the seller. If we have any doubt about an item’s authenticity, or we are not able to confirm that the item perfectly matches the description provided by the seller, the item will be refused.

At Clevenard Super Shop, we highlight the items our community wants the most, sold at the best price.

That’s why it’s always best to set a fair price from the outset – one that corresponds to the condition of your item and takes into account current trends.

If the price of your item seems too high, our Curation Team might email you to suggest a price at which it’s more likely to sell.  When we make a price suggestion via email and in your app, you have 24 hours to decide whether or not to lower your price.

If you don’t want to lower your price – which is totally up to you, of course! – Your listing will be published after 24 hours.

Good to know – Even after your listing is live, you can still lower your price. Anyone following the item will receive a notification, and the lower price will boost your visibility!

  1. Listing your items on Clevenard Super Shop takes just a few clicks and some great photos!
  2. First, you’ll need a Clevenard Super Shop account.
  3. Log in to your account if you already have one, or Register on the Website or App to create an account.

To get started, follow the prompts to add the requested information for your item, including the category, type of item, and brand. After these quick steps, you’ll be able to add more details and your own description to the listing.

Every listing on Clevenard Super Shop is carefully reviewed by our team before being published. Be sure to include as much information as possible to avoid the listing being refused, or more information being requested.

Create the perfect listing by following these simple guidelines

Inspect your item carefully. Be upfront about any small defects such as scratches or stains, and include precise measurements of the item in your listing.

Get snappy. Show your item at its best with at least 3 well-lit, quality photographs taken against a plain background. Include clear photographs of any defects.

Be thorough. Describe your item precisely and in as much detail as possible, including details of origin wherever possible. Where did you get the item? When?

Include any supporting information. This could include a proof of purchase, authenticity card, or certificate. This adds authenticity to your listing, making the item more attractive to buyers.

Choose the condition that best describes your item. If you can’t decide between two quality rankings, choose the lower one. This will avoid negotiation later down the line, which could result in the price being lowered or the sale canceled. 

Set a fair price. Have a look at similar listings on Clevenard Super Shop and set your price accordingly.

Once your listing is complete, it will be reviewed by one of our experts before being published – this usually only takes up to 24 hours, but can take up to 48. Once your listing is online, you’ll be notified immediately.

Our shop default currency is euros, which means you must convert the price of your products or services to euros no matter your location to add as a price before publishing.

You charge every customers for the shipping cost.

When a customer places an order, the vendor will receive an email confirmation. You can print off this order, and then attach to the product when preparing for delivery pick up.

 If your item sells, you pay no commission.

YES! If you are an ECO business offering services such as beauty treatments, yoga classes, restaurants, or eco-adventures, you can offer customers gift experiences and bundles to sell as products. You can also sell e-books and other digital goods, just select the “digital product” option when adding a new product to your store. We also offer booking services that integrate with google calendar, so your customers can easily book a service such as a class or a massage and pay through our website.

Through your vendor Dashboard. Once you log into your vendor portal, you can access your account information, add shop information, add products, see inventory, manage orders, manage payments, and lots more!

You will need to be clear and thorough about the Product Policies. Include any taxes or other applicable fees, shipping and handling information, and your return policy. Being honest about these terms helps build trust and avoids problems or disputes, thus providing a positive buying experience for your customers. You can also just add a link to your Terms and Conditions section of your Clevenard Supe Shop if all your policies are the same.

On the right-hand side of your “New product form” are the Product’s additional details. This section is very important to fill as it will help customers find your products on Google.

Product Meta fields:

Title tag meta field – Is the title of your product embedded into your store’s code, which is readable by Google. A meta title will become the title the customer will see when searching for a certain product on Google.

Description tag meta field – A meta description is a meta tag that acts as a summary that describes the product in detail. Use keywords that your customers may be using when searching for a certain product. Search engines show it in search results when the meta description also includes the keywords being searched. Unlike the page title, meta descriptions are not a ranking factor, but they do entice users to click through to a page.

Your product name should be between 10-42 characters, if your product name is too long or not descriptive enough maybe be canceled by admin. It should include the short item description and main characteristics (such as colour and size)

Product Tags are used to search and filter products, choose the tags that are relevant to your product. You can choose as many tags as you need.


Whether you already have an online store or have just opened your business, Clevenard Super Shop can help your business increase sales and reach new customers by creating your online store and through our Marketing channels.

You can import your products from your existing online store into our online shop, or easily create your FREE online shop through your online vendor portal. There is no need to pay for expensive website hosting or payment gateways, and best of all it’s free to join!

The benefits of selling on Clevenard Super Shop are endless!

Everyone can sell their ideas products or services

In order for your listing to be published on the Clevenard Super Shop website, sometimes our team needs to see the purchase history of your item in the form of a bill, invoice, certificate, or receipt. This document will never be put online or be visible on the website.

When we email you to ask for more information on an item, there will also be a link included that you can click to upload the requested documentation.

If you’re not able to provide a receipt or similar when requested, we will unfortunately not be able to list your item online.

Clevenard normally offers new products from our Vendors. However, some of our sellers do offer refurbished items at a competitive price. It will be stated clearly on the product page if an item is a refurbished product.

Prices on Clevenard are not negotiable. Clevenard has thousands of sellers who offer you the best prices and deals.

We have conducted a survey with our target market and 85% of potential customers agreed that Free Shipping will entice them more to make a purchase, even if they knew the shipping costs were added to the product price.

If a customer has a problem with their order, or if they change their mind about a purchase, they may ask for a refund. You will then have 3 business days to reply before Clevenard Super Shop must step in to find a solution. If an item went missing and never arrived, you need to either provide additional tracking details or offer a resolution, such as a replacement or a refund. If the buyer received their item but it’s faulty, damaged, or doesn’t match the listing description, you need to work with them to resolve their issue. If they changed their mind, how you can respond depends on your return policy. Make sure you specify the time period in which you accept returns in your policy section, and who pays for the return postage.

You will need to be clear and thorough about the terms of the transaction. Include any taxes or other applicable fees, shipping and handling information, and your return policy. Being honest about these terms helps build trust and avoids problems or disputes, thus providing a positive buying experience for your customers.

A SKU, or Stock Keeping Unit, is a unique number used to internally track a business’ inventory. SKUs are alphanumeric, and should provide information on the most important characteristics of a product — price, color, style, brand, gender, type, and size, for example. SKUs also aren’t universal. They’re meant to be unique to your business, and can be tailored to represent what your customers or vendors ask the most about your store’s merchandise. There is no need to add SKU information if you are not using this.